Sales prospecting 2.0

Fill your sales pipeline with warm prospects, on autopilot

Our blend of AI + ML crafts and sends
tailor-made, high-converting emails
to get you meetings with qualified leads

Supported by the Singapore Government
Our Expertize is Trusted by 60+ companies around the world

Hire the world's
Best Sales Rep x100
at a fraction of the cost

I am trained by world class Sales experts and learned from trillions of bytes of data to become the world's best SDR.
I work 24/7 at scale, to help you grow faster and automate prospecting.

40% higher email conversion

Compared to a
human sales rep (SDR).

lower costs

Compared to a
human sales rep (SDR).

Fully scalable & automated

15min to onboard,
we take care of the rest.

>99.9% deliverability

Always reach your leads' inbox. Learn more.

Like a human Sales rep.
But Better, Faster, at Scale,
and on Autopilot.

AI Piping automates your sales outreach,
powered by AI and ML for peak performance and efficiency.

In-depth Prospect research

We begin by extensively researching each lead.

Our AI agent analyses the prospect and their company’s digital footprint, including LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, and relevant industry publications.

This thorough analysis helps us understand the context, style, pain points and interests of each prospects, laying the groundwork for highly personalized outreach.

What to say to each lead, how to say it, and when to say it

Every prospect is different and deserve a tailored sales playbook.

Stop guessing about the best time to reach out to someone, or whether you should include that testimonial in the second or the first email.

Our Machine Learning algorithms optimizes over 50 communication parameters such as the optimal email length, content, communication style, type of CTA, and timing.

Learn more.

Emails that maximize conversion

Each email is uniquely tailored to the recipient, maximizing the chances of conversion.

We strategically sequence and time these emails, dynamically adjusting them based on how the prospect interacted with the previous email, leading to better engagement.

For example we will be able to mention in email #3 if the lead read the case study sent in email #2.

Continuous email optimization

As more emails are sent, our system constantly learn through feedback loops, improving with each interaction.

We stay on top of analytics, ensuring ongoing optimization for higher open, click, and conversion rates.

We are supported by the Singapore government

The Singapore Government has selected AI Piping as one of 5 companies
to help SG companies adopt cutting-edge tech, at reduced costs.
If you’re a SG company, you can now leverage significant government subsidies to adopt AI Piping

Outbound sales excellence

Stand out in a crowded inbox

Since leads are bombarded with emails, we ensure your messages stand out.
Our hyper-personalized emails tailored for each lead grab attention and foster engagement.

Marketing Teams - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Scalable high-performance outreach

Achieve scale without sacrificing quality.
Reach a vast number of prospects efficiently, filling your funnel with high-quality leads.

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Consistent follow-up and engagement

Leads require multiple touchpoints to convert.
We automate follow-up processes, ensuring consistent engagement and nurturing leads.

Inbound lead conversion

When you have collected warm leads from newsletter subscription, business cards from events, or downloadable content from your website, we help you:

Cultivate Brand Trust

We keep your brand at the forefront with strategic interactions that gradually build towards conversion.

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Stay Top of Mind

Keep your brand forefront in prospects' minds with consistent, meaningful interactions, capturing their readiness to buy.

Engage your leads strategically

Our AI-driven communications ensure every touchpoint is relevant and engaging, accelerating leads to successful sales.

Join us and revolutionize
your sales